Hair Loss is Mainly Caused by the

Following Reasons

Some people say that hair “depends” on the growth of our scalp, and we rely on our hair to be beautiful. It sounds funny, but when a person with thin hair and a person with thick black hair appear in front of you at the same time, you know how important healthy hair is to the outside. As early as in ancient Egypt, people were looking for ways to prevent hair loss and stimulate hair growth. They used Herbal powder, red , onion, alabaster, animal fat and honey to reconcile hair, and still use this method.

We have about 120,000-150,000 hair on our heads. Normally we will lose 50 to 100 hairs a day. If we lose more than this number of hair every day, and once the thick hair begins to become thinner and softer, it means that we are beginning to face the crisis of hair loss.

Men’s hair loss problems have also created billions of dollars in the market for the market, from popularly accepted treatments to topical treatments using chemical products, medications, and wigs. However, there is currently no absolute and perfect method on the market that can completely cure hair loss. Different products have different effects on people with different constitutions. Many merchants have serious misleading sales methods, which has caused many people with hair loss problems to suffer.

Hair loss is mainly caused by the following reasons. The first is physical aging, which makes the hair brittle and fragile; the second is that the reduction of hormones in the body leads to slow hair growth. Other reasons include lack of nutrition, genetics, disease and autoimmune dysfunction, stress and psychological trauma. Even air and water pollution, as well as the light of sunlight, can cause hair loss.

Hair loss due to aging and genetic factors is still not fully treated to date, but we can take the following measures to reduce the amount of their loss.

1. Change your Eating Habits

If there is a natural, healthy way to prevent hair loss, it is a balanced diet. High protein, high salt foods turn the body environment into acidity, which can cause hair loss. Iron-rich foods such as lean red meat and green vegetables help to supplement ferritin and increase hair growth cycle. Iron can also supply oxygen to the hair follicle, which further accelerates hair growth.

Because the hair is mainly composed of protein, if the protein is insufficient, it will cause hair loss. It is reasonable to say that the intake of protein-rich meat and dairy products will stimulate hair growth. Paradoxically, too much protein can cause hair loss. It seems that there are some factors in protein and hair growth.
Another food ingredient is also essential for the health of the hair. It is Omega-3 unsaturated fatty acid, which promotes the production of hormones and oils, makes the scalp and hair follicles healthy, and makes the hair elastic and shiny. Fish, shellfish, nuts, seeds and nuts are all rich in Omega-3 unsaturated fatty acids.
The oils extracted from nuts and nuts are rich in Omega-3 unsaturated fatty acids. It promotes the production of hormones and oils, makes the scalp and hair follicles healthy, and makes hair elastic and shiny.

3. Detoxification

Good habits can also reduce hair loss. The first is to remove three common habits: alcohol, tobacco and coffee. Excessive intake of alcohol can lead to dehydration, which can lead to hair loss. Because one-quarter of the hair is water, dehydration can make the hair dry and brittle, while also consuming a lot of iron and zinc levels in the body. Excessive intake of caffeine can also lead to the same result. The smoke produced during smoking contains toxins that accelerate hair loss and cause premature graying of the hair.

5. Do not Refute or Wear a Wig

Although many hair stylists may advise you to refute or wear a wig, it looks like the hair will be more beautiful. But using these things will increase the burden on the scalp and damage the hair follicles. Although they may make your hair look thick, long-term use will speed up hair loss. Also avoid the use of hair straighteners, air ducts, heated hair curlers and other products, these will cause damage to the hair, causing the hair to dry and easy to break.

2. Drink More Tea

The testosterone is secreted by the male’s testicle or the female’s ovaries, and the adrenal gland also secretes a small amount of testosterone. The testosterone does not cause hair loss, but when the testosterone is converted to indanone (DHT) in the body, it will cause damage to the hair follicle, leading to hair loss.

Green tea, saw palmetto and castor tea can inhibit the conversion of testosterone to indanone (DHT), and the extract of saw palmetto can also inhibit the conversion of testosterone. These products are targeted for the treatment of hair loss. So instead of using coffee instead of coffee, they may not be as refreshing as coffee, but it can make hair follicles healthy! If you are not used to drinking tea? You can also take pills made from these teas to help prevent hair loss.
Green tea can inhibit the conversion of testosterone to indanone (DHT), thereby reducing hair loss.

4. Maintain a Relaxed Mood

Stress is another important factor leading to hair loss. Meditation meditation and exercise can relieve stress and help maintain hormones at optimal levels to prevent hair loss. Massage is also very beneficial to the body and scalp. Use some almond or coconut oil to massage the scalp to supplement vitamins and minerals. Finally, do not dry your hair with a towel after showering every day. This will destroy the hair follicles. If time permits, the hair should be allowed to dry naturally.

6. Business Treatment

Healthy organic foods are the best way to get your body nutritious. If you don’t have time to plan a recipe, taking supplements may help. Regularly take some products specially designed for the treatment of hair loss, including saw palmetto products, which also improve hair loss. But these products are a bit expensive,the best way FUE hair Transplant FUE Hair Transplant In Lahore  is bessst and it takes at least three months to see the results.

7. Using Natural Organic Shampoo and hair Care Products

Most commercially available shampoos contain sodium laurate or sodium laureth sulfate (SLS). These two chemicals are harmful to the hair, and SLS can erode hair follicles and damage hair growth. A study shows that if you use SLS alone, it can cause your hair to fall out! Some experts believe that excessive use of SLS and the addition of salt in shampoos used to make foams can cause more women to lose hair (or cause the hair to become thinner and softer). Therefore, the use of natural organic shampoo and hair care products can reduce hair loss.

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Best Hair Fall Solution

Hair loss is a very common problem these days and is a source of frustration and low self-esteem, especially in men and, sometimes, also in young women. But the good news is that there are multiple treatments for hair loss that are available with your hair specialist. If the treatment starts earlier, hair loss can be stopped and, to some extent, hair growth can be restored.

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What are the causes of hair loss?

Dietary deficiencies:

It is a major cause of hair loss and is often ignored by some doctors and some patients. But it is proven that the addition of iron, zinc, biotin and proteins is important in hair growth. Some doctors advise some supplements to address these deficiencies.

Mental and Physical Stress:

Mental and physical stress increases hair loss. It is normal to have more hair loss before some exams, interviews and even when you start exercising with heavy weights. Sometimes it increases when you try to lose weight and start dieting without consulting a dietitian or nutritionist. The entertainment and pleasure of some creative activities, massage and yoga can help reduce stress and, in turn, have an effect on hair loss.

Hair Products and Hair Dyes:

Some hair dyes or some hair products may contain chemicals that can damage the skin or hair and can increase hair loss. Some of these chemicals damage hair roots and can decrease the amount of hair. Therefore, it is recommended that you follow your doctor’s advice: shampoos or hair dyes or natural dyes.

Telogen effluvium:

Again it is detachment of hair due to stress and up to 70% of hairs can fall with this problem of diseases, stress or medication. But the good thing is that it requires completely within six months.

Male Pattern Baldness (Androgenic Alopecia):

It can occur in both men and women. It is due to male sex hormones. The front and the crown area have special receptors for these hormones, so only these hairs are affected. The fall usually in a specific pattern that is different in men and women. This can be stopped with treatments.


The male pattern of baldness is associated with genes. It came from the parents. The expression is different in different people and can get worse when other factors are added as well.

Other Causes:

Other causes include:
  • Medical conditions: like a thyroid problem
  • Hormonal problems: Polycystic Ovaries
  • Lifestyle habits: Smoking
  • Medicines: Oral contraceptive Pills

What are different Treatments for Hair Fall/ Hair Loss?

Antiandrogenic Treatment:

Minoxidil is used to reverse the effect of hormonal hair loss. It only stops hair loss during the period of time it is used. It cannot reverse hair loss. The myth of stopping hair loss will be worse, which is not true. It only comes back when you stop using this.


It is a pill or tablet that is used to stop hair loss due to male hormones. It works better than Minoxidil, and it works during the period of time while it is being used. It should not be used by pregnant women and newlyweds.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP):

It is the newest form of treatment that is natural and effective. You take your own blood and the part of the platelets is separated and injected into the scalp. It is done in sessions and can result in new hair growth.


It is the injection of some medications like PRP in the scalp. It also improves hair quality and can result in new hair growth.

Stem cell injections:

This is also injected into the scalp. It can be taken from body fat or commercially available stem cells can be injected. It also improves hair loss and can make new hairs grow.

Hair Transplant:

It is a surgical process in which hairs are taken from the back of the head or body and placed on the bald area to improve the amount of hair and appearance. It is a permanent hair replacement, is for life and does not need maintenance or side effects to hair transplantation because it is a safe method.

Artificial hairs or hairpiece:

They have been used for years and is a cheaper way of hair replacement, but the disadvantages are that they are associated with skin problems and need lifelong maintenance.

Other treatment adjuncts:

  • Quit smoking
  • Avoid stress
  • Use proper hair care products
  • Proper hair shampoo and conditioners
  • Balanced diet
  • Multivitamins
  • Handling your hairs gently